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We all need to curb our carbon output – after all, households constitute 44% of the UK’s emissions” - David Miliband

harness the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories - Barack Obama 

Due to concerns about the environment, now is the time to convert your house into an eco friendly "Eco-House", at the same time reducing your carbon footprint. We can all do our bit for the environment by assessing how we live. Being carbon neutral doesn’t have to involve dramatic lifestyle changes; it can be as simple as;

  • walking to local shops 
  • cycling to work
  • turning off lights
  • washing clothes at low temperatures
  • Having a shower instead of a bath
  • turning appliances off, not on standby
  • installing Eco friendly products

Click Here for our top 50 Energy Saving Eco Tips

solar power Insulation insulation Wind Power water harvesting ground source heat pump Energy Saving Trust

There are even more ingenious ways to conserve energy including eco friendly resourses like Solar Power, Photovoltaics, Wind Power, Rainwater Harvesting, Insulation, and going off-grid solutions, all outlined in this web-site. We can all do our bit to create a carbon neutral Eco-house.

In a few years time a poor household energy rating could make your home difficult to sell. Don’t be caught out, the time to reduce your carbon footprint is now!

This Eco House website aims to show people that being environmentally friendly doesn't have to cost the earth (Pardon the Pun!), you don't have to be a scientist to understand the simple tools, techniques and fun concepts promoted by

It's time to own an Eco Friendly home ! & use eco-house products. will look at the following Energy saving, Eco friendly products, materials and services.

In the future you will be able to use our "Save the Environment Forum", post all your green thoughts on Solar Power, Photovoltaics, Insulation, Wind Power & Rainwater Harvesting and energy saving, carbon neutral house ideas, helping us all to reduce our carbon footprint and promote eco friendly houses.

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