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Eco House Agent is a new web site which has been developed to offer people advice, outlining what household and lifestyle changes can be made to reduce energy waste and subsequently reduce our carbon footprint.

“Creating a more eco friendly home is more about changing the way we live and being more responsible for our actions, excuse the pun, but contra to popular belief; it certainly doesn’t have to cost the earth!”

Where Eco House Agent differs from many other web sites promoting eco-friendly living, is that this is primarily an informative website looking at practical and simple domestic solutions that we can all employ to reduce household energy waste. The aim of Eco House Agent is not to try and sell environmentally friendly products, services or offer directory listings; we simply offer the information that can act as a catalyst for change.

Eco House Agent is full of case studies, highlighting the dedicated work of individuals and groups who have managed to create eco-friendly habitats, which perfectly compliment their surrounding environment. Our dedicated team of volunteer researchers are continually updating the website with new inspiring articles on new eco-friendly household initiatives and products.

In the future the website will offer the facility to upload and advertise items people wish to recycle, this will be a free facility. This has a planned release date of June 2010 along with many more online facilities such as an Eco Forum and Company Directory.

Since its official launch early 2009, Eco House Agent has rapidly become a key source of information for people looking for pointers on how to become more environmentally friendly in their homes.

The aim of this website is not to try and change the world, it’s to promote small lifestyle changes which everyone can easily adopt, if they wish to. Our community takes the view that everyone should be attempting to move towards more responsible eco conscious households, but we fully understand that due to circumstances and resources, some people will move quicker than others.

Eco House Agent’s website was setup by co directors Edwin Rose & David Wales both of whom have a background in web design in the Media Industry and are avid followers of Eco Friendly Design & Architecture.

If you wish to add content to Eco House Agent or want to discuss any possible business ventures please contact, 


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