Eco Friendly hard-wood Bamboo flooring

Eco House Agent, United Kingdom

Meet the superman of eco-friendly wooden flooring, Bamboo

If you are looking a hard durable flooring material then you should seriously consider Bamboo for a number of reasons,

  • Eco friendly Hard-Wood Bamboo flooring is in fact tougher and harder than most hardwoods.
  • Bamboo flooring is also very resilient and can withstand the impact of large heavy items being dropped on it, far better than other wooden flooring.
  • Bamboo flooring is also a good choice for kitchens & bathrooms, as it is resistant to moisture, this is a rare quality to find in wood.
  • Contra to popular belief Bamboo flooring can grow perfectly well in the UK and thus doesn’t need to be transported huge distances.
  • Hard-Wood Bamboo flooring if laid correctly has a certain amount of give, which can be very important if you’re on your feet all day.
  • Cleaning bamboo flooring is also very easy to clean, requiring to be cleaned on once a week.

If all of the above wasn’t enough, the most important quality of Bamboo flooring is that Bamboo itself is one of the most eco-friendly, fast growing, super regenerating materials around. Bamboo can grow up to 50 feet in less than 5 years. Once harvested it regenerates on the same plant very quickly. It can take many hardwood trees 30 years to regenerate from deforestation. Given the super eco-friendly, regenerating, and properties of Bamboo you can see why it makes perfect sense to install Eco Friendly Hard-Wood Bamboo flooring in your home.

When buying Bamboo flooring, ask the supplier where the Bamboo was grown, if the Bamboo was grown half way across the world then the energy wasted in shipping will negate Bamboo’s eco-friendly qualities. Try and buy with a conscious and look for locally produced Bamboo or if this isn't possible look for the closest grown Bamboo available. Hard-Wood Bamboo flooring construction also needs investigation. Look for flooring that doesn't have much formaldehyde, VOCs - volatile organic compounds, content.


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