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Nappies made from Bamboo

Bamboo Nappies, like their name suggests are made from the extremely eco friendly material Bamboo. Bamboo is a great eco-friendly material to use in household products, because bamboo is such a fast growing, regenerating raw material. In Nappies made out of Bamboo there are a number of advantages to be had compared to more conventional cotton real nappies,

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Natural - Bamboo Nappies


  • Bamboo is a natural quick growing eco-friendly material which doesn’t need chemicals for mass production.
  • Many people feel Bamboo nappies are softer than cotton nappies, this is of course subjective but you could do worse than buying one to test this theory for yourself.
  • Bamboo nappies are ultra absorbent this has been proved, on average bamboo nappies are 60% more absorbent than traditional cotton nappies.
  • Bamboo fabric is anti bacterial & has anti-fungal properties


  • Because they are super absorbent they take much longer to dry than traditional cotton nappies.
  • Like all real nappies, you have to have the nappy cleaned regardless of the mess (Yuck!)

Wham-bamboo is a current make of bamboo nappies which are available in one of 2 sizes

  • 0 – 6 months
  • 6 months – up to and including potty training

Wham-bamboo “nippa” version nappies are fully adjustable with a etached booster making adjustable to fit any baby no matter what size. The “nippa” Bamboo nappy retails at approx £8.25.
The Aplix version has a fold-over option to make it easier to fit skinny babies



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Posted on !!!!! Who would put one of those on their child???????? .........STUPID IDIOTS
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OMFG IM SO FUKIN STARVING NOW! anyways its just guna leak out the bamboo .... idiots
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Posted on aren't they hard and uncomfortable?
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