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“Timber is one of the world’s most valuable resources; we need to protect it now before it’s too late”

It’s very important we look after the world’s forests in order to safe guard the world’s finely balanced ecosystems. By cutting down forests and not regenerating them we are destroying the Earth ecosystem. To put it simply we are damaging the Earths health and its ability to regenerate, in the same way deadly viruses damages our immune system and eventually kills us. We might not like to think of it in these terms but at the moment humanity is the Earths virus. If we, as consumers continue to buy illegally farmed Timber we are simply perpetuating the problem.

The UK imports far too much of its timber, we should be looking to use more of our own natural resources of timber to build our furniture, buildings and houses. As long as we never use more in one year than we can regenerate, then using our own supply of Timber supply would cut down on the pollution and energy wasted through transportation. 

Timber can be a very Eco friendly building product for new homes or extensions, even more so when you use recycled or second hand timber. Think  about  this  when using timber in your household creating your own timber  house.

Be selective when by timber, look for wood that is covered by the following two certificate schemes and if possible, sourced locally. 

  • Forest Stewardship council (FSC)
  • Program for the endorsement of forest certification (PEFC)
  • When buying timber try and select locally produced Timber

Both these certificates cover international timber, so are valid across the world. 

In Canada you also have the Canadian Standard Association (CSA) 

For a list of all these associations see www.foe.co.uk 

Other useful websites include, 

  •  www.timberframe.org
  •  www.trada.co.uk
  •  www.woodforgood.com
  •  www.forestry.gov.uk


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