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There have been recent studies which determined that 80% of Properties in the United Kingdom have problems with Damp. Traditional Methods of dealing with damp problems involve trying to shut out damp rather than removing it, by using chemicals and applying a waterproof coating.  

Using such methods, combined with the increasing usage of other insulation methods like double glazing has lead to a lack of air circulating within walls thus not allowing the walls to breath and therefore an increasing the humidity, leading to damp problems highlighted by cracking paint, peeling wall paper a black unsightly mould.

A far less messy and chemical free process is advocated by the Schrijver system. This system is popular throughout the Netherlands and is now being adopted throughout Western Europe.

How does it work?

The concept of behind the Schrijver system is to regulate the humidity within the walls of our homes, without using harmful chemicals or messy coating. The process consists of a ceramic tube which runs between the inside and outside walls. At various points on the outside walls specially prepared niches exist which through openings in the element allow dry air into the system. The air flows into the ceramic tube air chambers. Another opening creates a draught which leads to a lowering of the air temperature in the tube. This reduced temperature attracts the damp (water) as humidity forms at the lowest temperature. The moisture (damp) congregates in the tube and is forced outside by the airflow.

To put is more simply, damp is always being removed from the house by this intricate and environmentally sound system.

Such was the success of the Schrijver system that in 1988 it was voted first prise in a National competition in Holland for new inventions.

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u really took time to say that we all ready know
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There is a lot of debate about whether this works. Maybe it does in some locations (for example windy ones) but don't believe their 'guarantee' - in some press releases described as '12 month' in others 'lifetime'. The salesman is paid to tell you what you want to hear to get the sale, but if you have any problems you'll find they are very unpleasant people who have experience of all the tricks and excuses to avoid refunding you anything.
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