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Eco Homes For Sale and the Property Market

Property doom merchants are predicting a continued fall in the housing market in both the US and UK. The one sector of the housing market likely to be least affected by the property crash are Eco Friendly Houses.

So why is this?

  • In the future there are a number of reasons why eco friendly houses will be sought after,
  • With the rising cost of energy, sustainable homes will become more and more cost effective
  • There are still relatively few eco homes on the market, a lack of supply and growing demand will push up the price of eco-friendly houses
  • Governmental policies that reduce the stamp duty, taxes that needs to be paid on carbon neutral homes, making eco homes more affordable compared with less energy efficient homes
  • The cost of making a home eco-friendly is coming down all the time, with advancement in environmental technology

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In the future eco homes will become the norm, so the best time to take advantage of Government policies and eco friendly grants is now. Make sure that you arn't left behind, with a home that is practically unsellable because of its inefficency.

If you are interested in eco houses or looking to sell or buy eco homes, Eco House Agent Ltd will allow you to advertise your eco friendly houses for sale, for free, just e-mail us at  with all your eco-house advert details and we will upload the advert for you, for free. If you are looking to buy eco friendly real estate, eco property use the eco search panel to the right hand side of this page to find your dream eco home for sale. 












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