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Ground Source Pump

The concept of a ground source pump has been around since Roman times. Ground source heat pumps Take energy from the ground and are typically built by either laying cables in trenches or in smaller gardens, bore-holes. Fundamentally they are electrical units that conduct the earth’s solar energy (heat) and provide this energy to the rest of your household.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

In essence a ground source pump provides your household with hot water, through a system of underground, under-floor, pipes being particularly valuable in winter.  In the summer they can be used to cool our households by extracting heat from the air. See for the best practice guide and details on grants for heat pumps. Also see for more information on best practice for installing a ground source pump  on your Eco land-site.

Wind Turbines Wind Turbines

Are now sold in your local hardware store in a kit, check with your local council before you install. They retail at about £1,500 but shop around as they are becoming cheaper all the time.

There is a fundermental problem with these wind turbine domestic kits. In order to make enough energy you need about 12.5 metres per second wind speed, in most built up areas of the UK the wind speed is down at around 4.6 metres per second. This represents a major problem for the viability of these domestic wind turbines. Therefore unless you live in costal areas eg Bara Scotland, you may not recieve enough wind to make harnessing wind a viable energy source on your Eco land-site.


Will attract a great variety of wildlife, such as Frog and Newts many of which are endangered. A large pond will also act as a cooling system during the hot summer months.

Tree's and Plants

Like ponds, trees and plants can also act as a cooling systems, they do this by expelling far more water than they use for photosynthesis, this then keep the air cool. By having a large number iof household plants you can aid this cooling process. This may not be comparable to an Air Con system but atleast it's cheaper and more environmentally friendly.


Thereis no reason not to own a compost bin; they are cheap and readily available. Make sure you place it in a convenient area of you garden so that you can fill it with all your biodegradable waste such as vegetable peelings.


Nesting sites need to be provided for Birds, Bees, Bats and Butterflies along with many other insects.

You can easily provide these envionments even if you have a small garden or even create a living roof. Insects love Log piles - ask you neighbours if they have an logs going spare from felled tree's, these logs can then be safely piled to provide a habitat for insects. 

Provide Birds with a place to nest by installing a small bird house in a tree, or if you don't have any trees, high up on a wall, face it away from the wind, this is important, as no bird will use it otherwise.

Nests for bee's and Ladybirds made from Bamboo, can now been bought as can houses for moths and Butterflies to live.

See the following for details Bee House , LadyBirds & Butterfly tower

Bat boxes can be bought to encourage Bats to nest in your Garden they are different from bird-boxes in that they have a smaller opening placed on the underside of the box, these must be places high up in a shaded area. Bats are endangered species so providing a habitat for them to live safely is very important. Another good reason to attract bats to your garden is that they act as a very efficient insect pest control. Bats can eat thousands of mosquitoes every night a very eco friendly way of pest control compared to using chemicals which invariably doesn't distinguish between the inserts it kills.

Bat Box

Bat Box

If you do find bats nesting in your garden or even your house, please don't disturb them, contact your local wildlife trust group, who can give you any information you need. 

See Wildlife Trusts for more information about Wildlife Gardens. 

Wether you need information on Wind Turbines, creating ponds, planting trees and plants, composting, developing a wildlife garden or putting in a ground source pump Eco house Agent has a wealth of information for your Eco Land-Site!


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