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Eco-Hab - The egg shaped, carbon neutral home 

                            "the future is round, the future is Eco Egg shaped"

The Eco-Hab, often refered to as Eco-Pod, which has just been showcased at the Grand design show is the brainchild of Aidan Quinn the Managing Director of Eco Hab Ltd. The innovative egg shaped, eco-home is set to revolutionise the concept of carbon zero housing.


With its modern, futuristic style the Eco-Hab is    certainly an eye opener, added to the fact that they are easy to install, take up little space, come with a competitive price tag and you start to see the unique possibilities of this truly revolutionary green home product.

It offers the possibility of a carbon zero lifestyle without compromising on home comforts. Providing eco-friendly technology such as Solar hot water heating, wind turbines, photovoltaic cells (PV'S), Rainwater Harvesting and Filtration, energy saving insulation with hot air recovery and waste recycling units. 

                                                                                                                                 The Eco-Hab also offers traditional home comforts such as a fully fitted kitchen, dining areas, places to relax and sleep, even offering a full functional office area, for those people wishing to use the Eco-Habs as office premises. At present there are two models available, Eco-Hab™ 4 & ™ 6. Both models are comprised of two living levels complete with inbuilt plumbing, water storage and backup battery power (if needed).Where the Eco-Hab really comes into its own is that it is designed to be used whether connected to the National Grid or not. 

On Grid - It can be connected as normal to mains electricity, water mains and local sewage piped network.

Off Grid - It uses its own renewable energy source technology such as solar hot water heaters, rainwater harvesting, Dry Toilet, Wind power, gas powered generator & battery power store (if needed) and many other green home products. Therefore allowing, the Eco-Hab to be used in remote sites without traditional power sources. 

Due to there unique design, flexibility and independence from traditional energy supply, It is possible to envisage a future whereby we have Eco-Pod communities existing in parts of the UK.  Giant egg fields, offering people a new eco-friendly way of life far removed from our current rather opulent, selfish existence. With the environment seemingly permanent decline and energy prices on the rise, the question is, can we actually afford to ignore such eco-friendly, innovative, green home products like the Eco-Hab?

The Eco-Hab doesn't have to be used as your main residance there are many other useses for these eco-friendly homes,

  • Outdoor office
  • Place to stay for guests & visiting family
  • Used at campsites as luxcury accomodation
  • Within schools as educational centers
  • Within corporations as quiet or games rooms

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“I have always wanted to build a house and it seemed to me that there had to be a way of doing it more efficiently to not only cut down CO2 pollution during construction but also running costs. Our homes are responsible for creating 27 per cent of carbon dioxide emissions and that clearly is not sustainable. I wanted to find a better way to live.” - Aidan Quinn