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There are a number of Eco friendly nappies on the market, the days when you only had one practical choice, the dreaded disposable, but non biodegradable nappy, are over. Eco House Agent will outline for you what types of real nappies are to buy, with a view to outline an objective case for the use of organic nappies made from eco-friendly materials.

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As a young mother or father it is quite easy to be overawed by the sheer selection of nappies on the market. If you are brave and have decided, despite your busy lifestyle, that you are going to use natural organic nappies, then you will be shocked at the shear variety available. It can be really be quite bewildering and not what you need when your mind is already filled with all sorts of tips, tricks and advice about bring up a baby. This web article hopes to put forward a case for the uses of eco friendly nappies, whether they are disposable organic nappies or bamboo nappies the article will look at the pros and cons laying out all the information you need to be able to make an informed decision.

We will look at factors such as,


  • How eco friendly are the materials that the nappies are made from?
  • How absorbent are these nappies  ?
  • How soft are the nappies before and after washing?
  • How long do the nappies take to dry?
  • Are the nappies biodegradable?

Eco House Agent will also give you information about what is available in the market place. As we are not connected to any nappy manufacture and retailer you can be assured that our evaluation is biased free. We will look at providing you with a selection of environmentally friendly nappies to choose from.

The following list provides you with the selection of eco nappies we will be show casing by clicking on the links below you can find out more information about these eco friendly, organic nappies.

  • Bamboo Nappies
  • Real Cotton Nappies
  • Hemp Nappies
  • Eco Disposable nappies