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EcoHouseAgent are please anounce a partnership with A Free to use website that lets you List & Review Eco Friendly Products, Click on the Banner below for more details, 

The number of Eco Friendly Products seems to be growing and growing, in the same way that organic food now takes up shelf after self in our local supermarkets, shops will so have Eco products sections. Where you will be able to buy the latest set of Solar lights, Chemical free paint, eco books & a multitude of other Eco Products of varying quality. This is purely product placement, shop owners quite rightly believing that a person who is likely to buy a solar light is also likely to interested in other solar energy saving devises. Using product placement everybody wins, the shop owner is more likely to make a related sale and the customer doesn’t have to trail round the shop looking for the latest energy saving devices

Evoke 3 Sequoia Eco Plus Radio - Eco ElectronicsEco Friendly Underwear - Pants to PovertyThree Strand Freshwater Pearl Bracelet


Taking this analogy a step further, what if, as an advertiser of an energy saving product, there was a Eco web-site that specialised in Eco Products and recycled goods, displaying a huge array of related Eco products online for the whole world to see. Sounds good doesn’t it. Taking this a step further, what if had this website allowed you to upload as many adverts, Eco Product Listings, at the same time providing you with the service to track, how may unique hits your eco product advert has received, the ability to change you advert details at any time and a online facility to allow potential buyers to contact your company without revealing your e-mail address. This is something we at Eco House Agent will provide along with many more services. Best of all These Eco Product listings are free.

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