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In March 2008 the UK government will outline plans to develop fifteen new eco land sites into eco-towns. The question is do these plans go far enough? These eco-towns are designed to be carbon zero, but this should not be at the expense of local wildlife. Eco-towns should promote eco living in at the same time protecting existing and encouraging new wildlife in the area by providing wetlands, woods, meadows and other natural habitats, a good example of this is the Hockerton Housing Project.

Wetlands Centre london

Wildlife trusts are worried that local wildlife will be overlooked when creating these carbon zero eco-towns. Some wildlife trusts take this point further and believe that, if there is not a strict selection process for each bid submitted then when these eco-towns are developed, the delicate balance between local wildlife, and its existing environment could be destroyed. Any Bid needs to incorporate plans for local wildlife including providing new wildlife habitats. See the WWF web-site for tips on sustainable homes and their interaction with Wildlife -

You may think Eco House projects are a new phenomena, wrong! There have been a number of eco-towns, eco-projects in existence in the UK for a number of years now.  

The BEDZED Project

There have been Carbon friendly house projects for a number of years now an example of this being BEDZED project in surrey, developed 5 years ago. The highest profile of these was the BEDZED project in Sutton in 2002 which was funded through a joint venture by the Peabody trust and BioRegional an environmental charity.

BEDZED developed a number of Carbon Neutral flats characterised by their glass façade, creating distinctive sun rooms, Some of the flats have imaginative internal bridges leading to private “Sky Gardens”. All the flats have 300mm insulation, meaning heat retention is very high. The distributed offsite centralised solar heating means that not only are the flats efficiently heated they also have larger than average well insulated water tanks.

See  For more details


Nottinghamshire low impact development, started in 1998 this energy self sufficient block of terrace houses set the benchmark for Eco-Homes.

See For more details

Myddelton Construction

This projects is planning to create an “Eco-Village” near Ilkley in West Yorkshire. The Village will consist of,

5 energy efficient homes
11 energy efficient work units
A number of offices with conference facilities
A Microbrewery

The energy will be created through the use of Solar Panels (Photovoltaic’s), Biomass Boiler and thermal panels.

See for more information 

The Wintles, Bishops Castle, Shropshire

This eco project is planning 40 Eco friendly homes, each home comes with,

  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Solar Water Heaters 
  • Triple Glazing

All set in a beautiful village, see



An amazing Zero Carbon Home, built on Britains most northenly Island of Unst part of the Shetland Islands. This extreemly Eco Friendly Home, was built after the 1992 hurricane destroyed the existing property and was funded through private sponsorship. Regarded as one of the most energy efficient houses on the planet, encompassing energy saving technology and materials such as,

  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Wind Turbines 
  • Roof Insulation (expanding foam)
  • Low Voltage Lighting 
  • Local Timber

Atlanta Apartments, Brighton

31 rented & shared ownership flats, made out of Eco friendly products like, 

  • Chestnut Cladding
  • Recycled Carpet
  • Sedum Roof

From £50,000 shared ownership see 

Axis St Marys island, Chatham

  • Triple glazed glass walls/Windows
  • Condensing Boilers 

From £249,000, 3 bed house, see 

Eco Homes Lodon - Clareville Street, South Kensington

  • Geothermal Boreholes
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Waste Compressors
  • Solar Panels 

 4 bed houses from £4,500,000 -

The Nottingham Eco Home - Eco restoration of a Victorian semi detached house

See for more information. 

The Yellow house - renovation of a Terrace house

See for more information

The Leicster Eco-house - Show house full of environmentally friendly devices

See for more information.

Brompton Eco house

shows how low carbon impact houses can be affordable

Findhorn Eco-Village - See for more information. 

ECO Homes

Are building 5 Carbon Neutral dwellings in Stawell in Somerset which should be ready by Christmas.

See for more information 


Is a company that specialises in creating energy efficient, sustainable homes.

The ethos behind the company is to create,

"The principles of healthy, ecologically friendly building construction"

See for more details

Chi' Bagoda

Chi' Bagoda are a company developing bamboo eco-homes, with a view to provide essential housing for families in need.Chi' Bagoda also aim to promote bamboo as an eco-friendly building material with the development of "a new species of sustainable architecture".

See for details  

ZED Homes

Developing 12*2 bedroom Eco friendly flats in Harrow.

See for more information 

Self Builds

For those brave enough to take on a self-build carbon neutral project. Then NearZero ( provides a wealth of information which caters for the experienced builder or complete beginners, by offering different packages. 

Architecture/Buildings - If you are doing a self build or extension and at the same time want to remain environmentally friendly you can review the following websites  and for a list of like minded builders and architects. 

Livarot Walk

Award winning eco-homes in Devon, built from sustainable building materials incorporating,

Solar hot water heating

Eco Products For Sale

This Fair Earth

This Fair Earth was established to reflect both beauty and equality throughout the world. We want to bring you beautiful, unusual and high-quality products which do not contribute to the degradation of our planet and help people to earn a fair wage for their work. To this end, we offer products from around the world which have been handcrafted by artisans who make a proper, sustainable living from their work.

Eco Consultancies

Through his auditing company 3 Acorns Eco-audits, Donnachadh provides an environmental auditing service to individuals, families and businesses, assisting them in assessment and improvement of their environmental performance. -


Eco Directories

For a directory of other Eco-Friendly sites please review -

Open Directory Project at

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