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Eco Resin panels are created from waste plastics taken from the fronts of old vending machines and point-of-sale units. This waste is recycled to create a clear resin panel that can be used throughout our households. The fact that it comes from recycled products means that eco resin panels score high in terms of being eco-friendly, but there are other more practical & creative reasons as to why eco resin panels are such a innovative material.

  1. eco resin is lighter than glass and thus is far easier to move and safer to handle
  2. eco resin is classed as  “Class O”  in terms of fire resistant, allowing it to be used in vast number of different ways
  3. eco resin has a soft surface, meaning that it can soak up noise, thus preventing annoying echoes
  4. Lastly and perhaps interestingly eco resin is made up of individual layers, this means that designers can place different materials between each layers such as e.g. petals, gravel, grass etc ensuring that eco resins artistic possibilities are endless

Eco resin panels are easy to fix to walls, floors, tables tops, kitchen units etc as they can be easily drilled in place, unlike some types of glass. They look amazing when back lit. Eco resin panels can even be designed to provide UV protection perfect for use outside as a light emitting shelter from the suns harmful rays.

To good to be true I hear you ask, well there is one problem with eco resin panels, as you might have guessed, they are not cheap! At more that £600 for a 8ft x 4ft panel, unless your rich you will have to be selective as to where you use the panels. Another problem is that eco resin panels are only sold in the US, so you will incur both shipping costs and time (as long as 6 weeks) should you wish to make a purchase. If none of this puts you of then take a look at, to open your eyes to the truly wondrous household design potential of eco resin panels.



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I invited you to visit Another manufacturer in Europe with very good projects.
Posted By Cat
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do you have any idea about the production method of the ecoresin? thanks
Posted By Cat
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here's a manufacturer in Europe: and since you're talking in pounds, maybe you should know about this one too... although not resin, but a load of great and resistant stuff with recycled plastics:
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