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Findhorn Eco Village

"Eco-villages restore honor and celebrate the four elements and their           interconnected processes in Nature and in people."

Findhorn community began in 1962 in a northeast Scotland caravan park. The communities work has always looked to find ways mankind can exist in harmony with nature. The community became famous in the late 60ties for a garden it created in the Findhorn peninsula sand dunes, which despite harsh conditions for growing, flourished into a miraculous triumph of mankind in cooperation with nature.



The Findhorn Foundation was established in 1972 as a major ecological, educational centre for thousands of visitors all over the world.
From 1982 one of the Findhorn Foundation major tasks, in conjunction other organizations, was the creation of the Findhorn eco-village project.
The Findhorn eco-village was started in 1985 incorporating the UN habitat best practice design and acts as a popular centre for education with thousands of people visiting every year.
The Findhorn eco-village consists of 55 eco-houses serviced by

  • 4 wind turbines
  • A “living machine sewage treatment centre”
  • Solar water heating systems
  • Recycling systems
Findhorn eco-village map

click to choose a tour VR panorama of outside the Community Centre


Findhorn eco-village is a constantly evolving model of human and environmental interaction in sustainable eco-village settlements. With the aim to create a livable environment that improves the fundamental quality of life for all.
Findhorn eco-village is also notable by being the first publisher of a guide to eco-housing, founder of the Global Eco-Village Network (GEN) working with the UK government on environmental education and policies. Findhorn also has the UK’s oldest & largest CSA Agricultural system (CSA – Community Supported)
The Findhorn eco-village model looks to challenge traditional human settlements through attempting to solve the complex problem of how to change traditional towns, cities, villages into eco-friendly sustainable tight-knit social communities with a common goal of reducing what we take from the earth (carbon footprint) and increasing what we give back at the same time integrating “harmoniously and harmlessly” with its surrounding natural habitat.
Eco-villages like Findhorn look to encompass

  • Eco Building structures, including ecological building materials.
  • Renewable energy systems, promoting sustainable living
  • Close-knit communities with ecological minded local economies, including locally farmed organic food.

Findhorn aims to act as a positive global model portraying how it is possible for eco-villages to make a difference, vital if we aim to save this planet we are slowly killing.

The most impressive thing about the Findhorn eco-village is how it has grown from it's conception, it is no longer to be regarded as just an eco-village but a complete community of similar like minded people, all doing their bit for the environment. Findhorn has its own economic infrastructure providing paid jobs, education, and hosting their own events & festivals. It is not just a triumph of human interaction with nature but also a success story for mankind. In a period where we bare witness human atrocities every night on our national news, the success Findhorn has had in creating a caring, responsibly community can not be underestimated. Findhorn has paved the way for us all, to a future where community values really matter and environmental responsibility is upheld.

”Ecovillages can take people out of poverty and create jobs through the sense and spirit of community. They can restore human dignity in a profound way" - Fritj of Capra, Fundacao Gaia



Posted By cherrol bibby
Posted on
Is there any properties that a family of 3 adults and three children could rent? If so how would you go about that? Thank you.
Posted By Lynn Lucke-Simpson
Posted on
I've purchased twenty acres in Caboolture,Australia and want to create an artist colony/eco-village there.I'm looking for 16 architectural companies to collaborate and create one of a kind inspirational homes on one acre lots that tie together.It's wet land flood plane so tree house or elevated platforms and walkways needed.keeping 4 acres to build an artist space for creating and displaying all varieties of art. That's my dream. Love this.
Posted By Edwin
Posted on
Hi Jill, I will pass on your request to Findhorn
Posted By Jill Halpin
Posted on
Is there anything I can buy or rent from the eco Village in Findhorn please?
Posted By Jill Halpin
Posted on
I am looking to buy/rent a small ecohouse in your type of community. Do you have anything available. Am a painter and photographer of birds in particular and have an 8 month old border collie puppy.
Posted By Stewart Atkin
Posted on
What a eco giving village. welldon from my environmental company.
Posted By Polly Nawshim
Posted on
I think this is what everyone should be thinking about. Its what the world is coming to. I have been to the findhorn foundation and its an inspiring place and well worth the visit. It changed my life.
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