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Just like charity begins at home, the same is true for creating an eco friendly planet.  We can all do our bit by looking at sources like the wind and sun to meet our energy needs.

There are plenty of companies around who can supply you with green energy or the means to make your own.

One of the options you could go for is to fit solar panels to your home.  A Shade Greener is one of several companies in the UK that offers completely free panels through a government scheme.  They currently cover the Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Humberside areas but have plans to move into the midlands and south west soon.  The only downside is that your house needs to be either south facing or within 30 degrees of due south to qualify.  You can apply online at to see if you are eligible.  If you don’t qualify for free panels there are lots of other suppliers to try including and

Good Energy claims to be the only dedicated 100% renewable supplier of electricity in the UK.  The company’s aim is to have all of us using only renewable energy by 2050.

The website at has stacks of products available to buy including solar panels, heat pumps or even your very own wind turbine!  There is also information on help with paying for your new energy source.  If this technology is all too much for you, you can sign up to have your electricity from the company’s own supply.

LoCO2 Energy specialises in supplying low carbon electricity and offers various tariffs to suit your budget.  Some of its electricity is generated by hydropower stations operated by its sister company TLS Hydro, and the rest from a variety of sources such as wind and solar power.  To find out more go to

Most green energy is electricity but one company that has also branched out into green gas is Ecotricity.  It has plans to create its own mills to generate gas from organic waste matter, although it currently uses supplies from Holland.  The company also provides electricity generated by its own wind parks, has a sun mill under construction and is looking at using tidal power in the future.  You can get more information on its many projects at

Choosing an energy supplier with so many companies vying for your business can be difficult.  Luckily, help is at hand from, which has teamed up with Energylinx to provide an online comparison service.  Alternatively there are similar services at and  

You may find that your current energy supplier has greener options you could switch to.  Several companies including E.on, British Gas and Scottish Power offer packages that claim to be more ecologically sound.

One word of warning: companies can interpret “green” in different ways, as explains.  A company may be sourcing the electricity it supplies from a renewable form or producing it themselves in a renewable way but this isn’t always the case.  An alternative would be putting an equivalent amount of energy back into the national grid for all the energy it is supplying to its customers. In this case the energy supplied is often from fossil fuels.  A further alternative would be contributing to eco friendly community projects or research into renewable energy, known as a “green fund” option.  

The message is clear: do your homework to make sure the supplier you are choosing is a deep enough shade of green for you.  That way you can be sure that your energy needs and your ethics are both taken care of.

Author  Rebecca Laird



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