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1) Eco Friendly Nursery Furniture

Problem: Formaldehyde is a dangerous substance that can be found in furniture, such as a babies cot. It is made using a combination of wood products (pressed), urea-formaldehyde insulating foam (UFFI), & non wrinkle/permanent press fabric materials. Constant exposure to Formaldehyde has been linked to allergic reactions and numerous other conditions even cancer, although this is yet to be proved.

Solution: For your child’s sake it’s safer to avoid buying furniture made out of manufactured wood products like, hardwood plywood paneling, particleboard and mid-density fiberboard. Look for natural furniture handcrafted from FSC timber.


2) Eco Friendly Paint


Problem: Many of us may have lead paint on our walls without even knowing it. Houses built before 1980 could in theory contain lead paint, lead is toxic and can be very harmful to your Baby/Child. If you have old window frames, walls which haven’t been paint stripped for years or an old painted cot these could all contain traces of harmful lead. Some new products shipped from abroad might contain lead, so be careful.

Solution: Always try and use natural paints, these are now stocked by all DIY stores. These paints use natural materials such as clay and use minimal or zero volatile compounds. Any paint that you suspect to be lead based can be tested using a test kit. Do not burn-off/strip any paint you suspect is lead based as this can release harmful chemicals.

3) Eco Friendly Cot Mattress

Problem: Some of the materials used to create a baby’s cot bedding could contain dangerous chemicals such as petroleum contained in foams and fibers and potential dangerous flammable materials. Such materials can expose your baby to harmful gases, affecting the health of your child. This can be especially harmful if your child already suffers from asthma or is susceptible.

Solution: Source Baby bedding made from natural fibres such as wool which are not only more flame resistant but don’t encourage dust mites or give of  harmful gases. Source locally produced natural products


4) Eco Friendly Nursery floor

Problem: When a baby starts to crawl it is important that the floor is free from harmful chemicals (VOC’s). Such chemicals often exist in artificially made flooring or carpet, in fibers or adhesives. Stain removers can also contain harmful chemicals

Solution: Choose natural flooring such as wool or wood, bamboo is a particularly eco friendly product as it is chemical free, hardwearing and grows quickly so can regenerate. Never buy anything that incorporates harmful toxic adhesive.

5) Eco Friendly Nursery Gagets

Problem: Children have less developed bodies than adults, this means they are more susceptible to harmful electromagnetic waves, which can penetrate through their thinner skull more easily. This can be very harmful to a child’s development even leading to long term illnesses and damaging their immune system.

Research hasn’t been completely conclusive but its probably safer to reduce the amount of wireless and electronic devices near where your child sleeps. You should encourage the use of battery charged devices which don’t give off electromagnetic radiation. Other devices to avoid using near your child are mobile phones, wireless handsets, wireless baby monitors.  

6) Air Quality

Problem: the air in our homes can be polluted with all sorts of chemicals. Paints, varnish, fresh-air sprays, cleaning polish can emit harmful VOCs & gases. This has more affect on babies as in proportion to their size they breathe in more air.

Solution: The only real way to get rid of these harmful gases is to install an air purifier. When selecting an air purifiers look for one which includes a HEPA filter & military carbon cloth. Failing this open your windows as much as possible.

7) Eco Friendly Babies Plastic Feeding Bottles

Problem: This has become an item of national concern in the UK & the US recently. Expects have found links to the chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA) found in some babies bottles with changes in child behavior such as increased aggression & hyperactivity. Even more worrying than this, some reports claim that, exposure to BPA can cause changes to occur to a child’s immune system.

Solution: You can now buy BPA free bottles, Marks & Spencer’s in the UK have there own range of these bottles. Failing this if you continue to use existing bottles, make sure they haven’t got any scratches or abrasions and never pour boiling water directly into these bottles.

8) Eco Friendly babies Bath Water

Problem: When bathing your baby be conscious about the amount of chorine in the water. According to studies up to 50% of our exposure to chorine occurs when bathing. Conditions such as cancer of the bladder, stomach, liver have been linked to over exposure to chorine. There has also been links to the increase in cases of asthma amongst young children.

Solution: You can now buy chlorine bath filters which are like bath balls, which you place in your bath while the water is running. You can also by chlorine shower filters which are attached to shower heads. Such filters have been known to reduce the sediment that can cause itchy, flaky, dry skin, brittle hair, and sinus problems. It also reduces mold, dirt & lime scale deposits, keeping you cleaner.

9) Pesticides


Problem: As we all should know pesticides can be very dangerous & have no place around babies and small children. Pesticides have been linked to a number of different diseases, the most prominent being childhood leukemia. Pesticides that are used to kill household bugs, lice and mites can remain in our carpets and curtains for over 15 years.

Solution: There are many non toxic solutions now available, but the best method of prevention is to remove footwear on entering your house, making sure you don’t tread harmful chemicals into carpets. Also buy organic materials that don’t contain pesticides. If you have a problem with insects, use preventative methods that prevent access into your home. Bats are great at insect control, so buy a bat box, and encourage bats into your garden, rather than ringing Rent-a-Kill.



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