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Going off-Grid

A relatively new phenomena is occurring, it’s becoming trendy to be going off-grid, not to mention eco-friendly, whisper it quietly but the living off-grid revolution has begun.  

Hollywood Celebrities like Daryl Hannah, of Splash fame, have popularized the term "going off-grid" to such an extent that politicians now frequently drop the term in to their election speeches. With all the celebrity backing it’s important not to lose site of the real importance of living independently from national grid energy supplies. Living off-grid is not a fad, it is an important decision “we” as responsible members of society must make.

The first thing to note is that living off-grid will require some lifestyle changes and you have to do some research to see whether living off-grid is right for you.

Things to think about when you decide to live off-grid

You must be prepared to make a significant investment in the short term in order to reap the long term the reward of zero energy bills.

You have to live with the possibility that at any given time of the year on any given day, things that you take for granted like hot water may not be readily available. Good planning and design should minimize this but it’s still a possibility.

Are you willing to put in the time and effort to learn about sustainable, zero carbon living. It will require a lot of time and effort and planning, unless you have the kind of financial backing that a movie star like Daryl Hannah has.

When it makes sense to live off-grid

In some cases it makes perfect sense to live off-grid, for instance if you have found your
Perfect piece of paradise in the middle of nowhere, it may not be possible for you to connect to tradition energy sources. Often these are the places that are best placed to take advantage of renewable energy sources, This was the case in remote part of the outer Hebrides  in Scotland, called Unst, where Michael Rea built the UK’s first fully carbon zero household with electric car to boot.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of going off-grid can only be gained the day you separate yourself from national grid energy supplies. It is the sense of overall freedom, a feeling of empowerment and independence that can only be felt once you are free from weekly Gas and electric bills. It is this feeling that is at the core of the off-grid revolution.
Living off-grid teaches us to be responsible, when you face the prospect of being without hot water for a day, it’s amazing how easy it becomes to turn off lights, turn your TV off at the mains and stop running the hot water tap when you clean your teath. Some eco snobs have criticised Daryl Hannah for turning off-grid living into a fad, for popularizing a concept, daring to encroach on an area of traditionally inhabited by middle aged men with beards, wearing cardigans. We at take a different view; we salute you Daryl Hannah for all that you have done to bring the term off-grid in the public domain, for doing something truly memorable and worthwhile, and for graduating from mermaid to Eco Warrior! Long live the off-grid revolution, long live Daryl Hannah!   



Posted By Alice Elshakoushy
Posted on
Are the electrical components compatible with the American (USA) system and what are the delivery cost to the United States? Interested in the 6m and 4m single family home with connector.
Posted By Hamish
Posted on Yes, i first knew about this idea from Michael Reynolds (earthships) the architect that started this idea back in the late70's.It is a brilliant idea both for self prodution of power(wind and solar) and self build of your own house with old tyres/glass bottles etc. Also water reusage, i.e. alowing bath/shower water to go into settling tanks /areas, then reusing the water to flush toilets, or water the garden or vegetable patch. checkout this site "earthships" cheers, hamisah
Posted By Andy Yang
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Posted By Jade
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If anyone is interested in sharing their story about their transition into living off the grid, here is a wonderful opportunity. Nick Rosen, author of 'How to live off-grid' and 'Off the grid,' is making a documentary about the ways you can go off the grid and the people who are doing it. The aim is a how-to, told through the eyes of people who are currently or have just made the transition to living off the grid, but also a why-to -- why do people choose to leave society behind? You can see a video about our project and read all about the film at Indiegogo (, where you can also donate funds to the production, in return for perks such as a copy of the eventual movie, and his book %u2018Off the Grid: Inside the Movement for More Space, Less Government, and True Independence in Modern America,%u2019 or even a day with Nick touring off-grid locations. Please give generously and see our documentary series become a reality.
Posted By Tom
Posted on
I presently own two off-the-grid homes - in Florida, and North Carolina. You are correct that sometimes that perfect piece of paradise makes an off grid system sensible. It's all well and good to be "eco-friendly" or "carbon-footprint aware", but sometimes, you just have to make your own electricity because the utility company can't bring it too you. A well designed power system should require minimal, if any life-style sacrifice. Technology permits me to power my Florida home on sunshine and vegetable oil, and my North Carolina home on water power. I have my own blog where I have written extensively about my off-the-grid living experience in Florida. Just go to SOLARFLORIDAHOME.COM if you would like to read more. This is a nice web site. Tom
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