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Government Energy Grants For Insulation

According to what many Ministers state, the Government aims to insulate all the homes in Britain, where possible, by 2020. Insulation can cost anything from around £229 for cavity wall insulation and £199 for loft insulation, these prices are for a typical semi-detached house and will differ for the type of residence you own. However, with this price in mind its true to say not everyone would be able to afford it. So how exactly do the Government aim to insulate all the homes in Britain? With government energy grants of course!

Is it worth getting insulation?

About 25% of heat from the UK's homes is lost through the roof's of houses. Insulation is put in place to stop this from happening. You could save 20- 30% on energy costs by having your ceiling alone insulated. To have your ceilings and walls insulated it could save you 40- 50% and to have your walls, ceilings and floors insulated it could save you 45- 55%. The cost to get it done if you are not eligible for a grant can pay for itself in around five to six years. It also eliminates condensation on walls and ceilings and some materials used for insulation can even make walls sound proof. It is clear that insulation is very cost effective and beneficial for both home and homeowner, it not only improves the home but also the home-life of its inhabitants.

Do you qualify for a grant?

Many companies will cover the cost of cavity wall and loft insulation if you are 70 or over, have an income of less than £15,460 or if you receive a number of benefits. These are benefits such as attendance allowance, child tax credit, council tax credit, disability pension, housing benefit, income support, income -based job seekers allowance, state pension credit, war disablement pension, industrial injuries disablement benefit and working family tax credit. To find out more about these benefits and the requirements for grants based on them go to Warm front also offers a range of grants for home improvements such as; draught proofing, hot water tank insulation, gas, electric, liquid, petroleum gas or oil heating, glass fronted fire. All of these are available for those who meet the requirements for a grant. Even if you are not eligible for a full 100% grant you may still apply for a partial grant of 50-70% or more under certain circumstances.

How to apply for a grant

You may be eligible for heating and insulation improvements of up to £3,500. To get more information on the improvements available to you or the savings you cold make go to or contact your power firm. This may progress to an application stage where some simple questions concerning the age, structure, heating and insulation of your property. This information will be used to decide if your application can continue to the standard assessment procedure (SAP) which is a system for measuring the energy rating of residential properties put in place by the Government.

Many of the home improvements put in place by warm front and many other companies are very useful for the home and homeowner, they can save a lot of money and have a very positive impact on the environment. The Government grants put in place for these improvements also make it a lot easier for those unable to afford the cost of insulation and other home improvements. They are a positive investment and are very much worth having in your home. For further information or to apply for a grant visit or contact your power firm.

Author Sophia Manco-Cox

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