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It's Best to Insure Your Eco-Home!

Everyone has heard about the global environmental crisis. We all know that conserving energy and resources is the new thing to do, and there are plenty of people doing their bit. Instead of relying on electricity derived from burning coal, some are harnessing the earth's solar energy and generating their own power – or are using wind turbines on a small scale to make electricity for their homes. The energy from wind and the sun is renewable, which means it will never deplete – unlike coal, oil and the like. The initial cost to install the equipment required to capture and utilise the energy is offset by the savings the home maker makes; although expensive, many governments are offering incentives to convert homes to greener methods of powering one's property. Some local councils are even buying excess energy from the home owner, so the cost is even further replaced. You can also utilise solar energy to heat water – and even solar power to run the pump required to get the water into your house!

There are people that are going even further, by returning to the old ways of cooking and heating: wood fires. Replacing an electric or gas stove or heater with ones that consume wood is thought to be cleaner for the environment, and wood is replaced quicker than gas and coal, which means the earth's resources are not consumed faster than they can be regenerated. The days of hooking the trailer up to the family car and tripping out to the local bush to cut wood have returned; weekends are filled with chainsaws buzzing and axes chopping. And the savings in terms of money and space can be substantial. A combustion fire with cooking facilities on top can also take up less room than several heaters and a large stove, and probably cost less to run. An outdoor wood barbeque can double as an oven, or trendy pizza cooker. Baking bread is easier – and nicer – when it is cooked fresh and at home, and you know exactly what goes into it!

As mentioned earlier, the initial set-up costs can be a little expensive, but the payoffs can be huge. Money, time and space are saved with a simple conversion of a few household appliances. But how do you go about protecting your new eco-home? As with any large purchase or possession, having adequate home insurance to protect it is essential. You need to make sure that your new structures are covered in cases of theft, damage or other calamities. These unforeseen circumstances can mean all your hard work and money could go to waste, and your new environmentally friendly home will need to be rebuilt from scratch.