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The Hub - Eco Friendly Sustainable Building

"The Hub" is a new project, aiming to build a centre for young residents of Lyme Regis, located on the borders of Dorset and Devon with a population of 3,700. Lyme Regis faces economic struggle as a result of the current weak financial climate. However, The Hub youth centre could arguably regenerate the community, producing jobs and training opportunities. The Hub will be a social and progressive platform providing opportunities for music making with a recording studio, dancing and eating alongside playing sports and participation in the arts and summer schemes for all ages. The “Lyme Regis Development” bid for and subsequently purchased The Boys Club building, at an auction, with the intention of modernising it before presenting it as The Hub’s youth centre. A new roof is to be built in Jan/Feb 2012. Consequently, The Hub strongly advocates an eco-friendly lifestyle and so The Hub creators wish to produce an Eco-friendly sustainable building. Energy saving plans includes an installation of the Photovoltaic System, a solar installation that allows users to earn financial income from the use of the system. The solar panel, which is installed on the roof, converts energy from the sun into electricity by an inverter, thus making the energy usable in households. The Photovoltaic System not only generates renewable electricity but it offers a financial income with the Feed in Tariff (TiF), which ideal for the long-lasting financial running of the building. For every kilowatt hour of solar energy produced by the solar panel 41.3 pence is earned. See for more information. Plans also involve a new heating system, a combination of air source heat pump and low energy condensing gas builder. Heat pumps, which utilises heat from outside air, heats radiators, under floor heating systems, warm air convectors and hot water. Moreover, heat can be produced from air as cold as -15 celsius. Such a capacity allows the sustainment of heat, thus keeping warm longer and lower fuel costs resulting in a minimal carbon footprint. Moreover, using air source heat pumps can also generate financial income from its use through the government’s plan to launch the Renewable Heat Incentive in October 2012. See for more information. As dependence on grants for main financial support is unadvisable in today’s economical climate thus the generated income from the use of eco-friendly devices would be ideal in generating financial income to help increase the longevity of the running the building, whilst also creating an eco-friendly sustainable building, saving money and allowing the ability to pay staff such as the energy manager whose role is to promote green power to the community. Consequently, The Hub’s limited dependence on grants has led to hopes of gaining support from Energyshare. An organisation who are consistent in advocating the saving of energy, to finance the purchase of the eco-friendly devices such as the Photovoltaic System and air source heat pumps. In addition to saving energy The Hub fully intend to sustain an eco-friendly lifestyle, discussing and presenting on The Hub’s attempts to embody the eco-friendly lifestyle, for example all who enter and use the building’s facilities will be consistently encouraged to ensure energy is constantly saved. Arguably, such practice can be transferred into homes, particularly by the younger generation, helping to cultivate a more knowledgeable generation better informed to protect our planet. The Hub already has a close relationship with The Woodroffe School, allready great advocators of green power, boasting an environmental curriculum and ‘Eco’ club activities. Such dedication and partnership clearly demonstrate The Hub’s genuine passion and concern for the planet, evident in the desire to orally promote green power as well as through their own lifestyle. The Hub can finance an environmental friendly building with the financial aid of Energyshare. However, The Hub needs to gain the largest amount of votes to become the recipients of the £100,000 offered by Energyshare; the last day for voting is 3rd December. The securing of the £100,000 not only would help create an eco-friendly sustainable building, it would also provide the prospect of regenerating the Lyme Regis community with jobs and training opportunities derived from The Hub. Vote for The Hub on Energyshare’s website at, You can donate money to The Hub at You can join The Hub Facebook support group at Author Leia Licorish

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