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Carbon Neutral

Live a carbon neutral green life, environmentally friendly products and ideas. Reduce the homes carbon footprint using renewable, sustainable resources.

Horticulture High Density City

High Density City Horticulture is very important, look at these eco friendy schemes Abundance London & Tree's for Cities

organic natural baby products

organic natural baby products & information are detailed in, looking specifically at, Nursery,food,lifestyle,eco babies nappies,safety ad many more information on eco babies

organic fun

organic fun

organic crafts

organic crafts

Organic Baby Clothes & Organic Baby Toiletries

organic baby clothes and organic baby toiletries

Organic Baby Food

organic baby food

Eco-Friendly Houses

Eco Friendly Houses will be more popular i the future as being green becomes more and more cost effective,solar power,wind turbines,ground source heat pumps, this is likely to mean eco homes for sale do not suffer in the US and UK property market

Babies Eco-nappies for sale

Babbies Eco-nappies are evaluated with looking at how eco friendly they can be looking at Bamboo, Hemp, Natural disposable, cotton and toddlers Organic nappies, now is the time to buy a baby real nappy

Baby Essentials

Baby essentials

recycle online recycling web-site

recycle online, Recycling web-site is an important way to save energy by reducing polution, household waste, caused by production, Use second hand and reconditioned recycled products & buy eco-friendly recycled products & reclaimed materials

green home insurance

green home insurance

Green Nursery

Green Nursery facts are found in looking at creating a Natural Babies Nursery with eco friendly paint,furniture,babies bottles,flooring,carpet,clorine filters and all things Eco Baby,Organic Babies Nursery

Loft Insulation

loft insulation

eco straw bale house Pembrokeshire

an eco straw bale house Pembrokeshire, is feature by the house was designed by Rachel Shiamhs and has just won the eco house of the year award for 2008 at Grand Designs, this Eco friendly home is a perfect example of sustainable living


Ubuntu the Uk's first fairtrade cola, fair trade cola uk

thermal leak detector

Thermal Leak Detectors are evaluated by ecohouseagent helping to avoid draft and heat loss

Fair Trade Foundation

Fair Trade Foundation is a important organiastion that make sure poorer countries get value for the fairtrade items and products like coffee and chocolates, they produce


reuse,eco friendly, recycle, choice

Reusing derelict houses

Reusing derelict houses

selenium solar cells

selenium solar cells explained with Eco House Agent


ZEDHomes is a company that specialises in developing Eco friendly property for sale

Babies Bamboo Nappies for sale

Babies Bamboo Nappies for sale with which looks at all eco friendly, baby organic nappies, toddlers real nappy and natural disposable

How to Live off-Grid,Homes

How to Live off-Grid,Homes that use reewable energy are all the rage, popularised by Daryl Hannah who lives in a house powered by sustainable energy, including solar power, PV and wind turbines, Going Off Grid, Cutt Off from the national grid

Eco Products For Sale

Eco Products For Sale are reviewed on Eco House Agent just in time for Christmas

Christmas Eco Products

at eco house agent we can recomend a selection of Christmas Eco Products for sale

building a House Extension

www, has have a number of specialists that can help you with, building a House Extension, London Builders, House Extension, Renovations, Carpentry, Plumbing, Engineers, Bathroom installation, Kitchen Fitting & installation, Plast


re-use rather than recycle, its a choice we should think about, advocates that we should be reusing items as musch as possible, reused products reduces energy waste in an eco-friendly house, home

Zero Carbon House project unst Scotland

Zero Carbon House unst Scotland one of the few eco-friendly houses off-grid in the Uk,low energy comsumption, using solar power, wind turbines, electric car

conserve rain-water harvesting system

conserve rain-water harvesting system help conserve water and helps the be good to the environment at the same-time, using grey water in toiletts, washing machines, gardens, Eco-Friendly rainwater conservation makes environmental sense

Top 50 eco Tips

Top 50 eco Tips with ecohouseagent, offering free eco friendly information and advice

Eco Friendly hard-wood Bamboo flooring

Eco Friendly hard-wood Bamboo flooring is an environmentally friendly solution for kitchen and bathroom floors, it is a super regenerating hardwood which is moisture resistant and very tough

how to make your own baby food

how to make your own baby food

eco friendly jobs

eco friendly jobs

Organic baby food recipes

Organic baby food recipes

green energy suppliers

Eco house agent highlights a number of green energy suppliers ready to help you create an eco friendly home

George Briggs Solar Energy

George Briggs Solar Energy

Wings Eco House

Wings Eco House an amazing sustainable property in kent designed by Architect Richard Hawkes

Jute Bags

Jute Bags are eco friendly bags, made from Jute grown naturally in Bangladesh

Reducing Waste

Reducing Waste in the US is a key issue, contra to popular belief they are streets ahead of the UK on this

cycle to work scheme

cycle to work, bike hire scheme, Boris Johnson

Green Energy Tariff

green energy tariff

Green Schools

Its important for Schools to be responcible in terms of conserving energy and reducing waste, Green schools are becoming popular in the US, providing children with eco education highlighting the importance of sustainable living

eco home insurance

Green Home Insurance is becoming more and more popular with eco conscious people

Eco Home Nottingham

This Eco home in Nottingham is outlined in, looking at all the eco friendly features such as, solar panels,collectors,roof and wall insulation,low voltage LED lights,collectors,thermostatic shower, & low flush toilets

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation and other energy saving ways of insulating such as, double glazing, draft proofing,insulating your ceiling,windows,pipes,cental heating,pipes and tank with cylinder jacket and other eco friendly products & loft insulation grants UK

Embodied Carbon

Embodied Carbon is the term used to describe the amount of carbon used in the creation, transportation and disposal of a product

Mickley Hall

Mickley Hall in North Yorkshire is a great example of how Eco friendly doesn't have to mean ugly

Bere Architects

Win a compertition to live rent free in an Eco Home for a year in Gwent


Eco-Hab, is a new sustainable house filled with energy saving technologies such as, solar hot water heaters, wind power,wind turbines,photovoltaic cells (PV'S), Rainwater Harvesting and Filtration,energy saving insulation with other green home products

Eco Tree House > Eco Houses > Eco Friendly Home

Eco Tree House is an amazing eco friendly house built in Clapham London, the house waas built around a tree and is a good example of sustainable, Carbon Neutral, Green living

North Kesteven

North Kesteven is a eco friendly housing project which involved Amazon Nails developing Straw Bale houses in North Kesteven Lincolnshire


bamboo is one of the worlds most eco friendly building material

Active House Principles

Active House Principles are explained by showcasing the hard work carried out by velux

Hemp Bricks lime

Hemp lime, crete & clay hemp bricks are all eco-frendly materials endoursed by

The Hub

The Hub is an capaign aiming to aiming to build a eco friendly centre for young residents of Lyme Regis

Eco Celebs

Eco Celebs have gone Green check out this webpage for more info

Photovoltaic Solar Hot Water Heaters

Interesting study looking at the merits of Photovoltaic Cell and Solar Hot Water Panels

Insulating homes

home insulation - ecohouseagent looks at all aspects of eco friendly house design, including insulating homes

Water Conservation

Water conservation techniques are covered by Eco House Agent outlining many waters to increase , reducing the amount of water we use and using rain water


Eco Projects are common place throughout property development world wide, there are now energy efficient buildings, eco-towns,like bedzed, Hockerton, Zedhomes,The Yellow House,The living village,which are carbon neutral and reduce our carbon footprint

Solar Power

Solar Power is explained by Eco House Agent giving advice on Solar hot water systems,collectors,energy,lights,pumps,chargers,foutains,torches,Solar Pannels,eco friendly products, hot water heaters

Gound Source Pump

We have info on Gound Source Pump, Wind turbines, Composting and Wildlife Gardens more specifically, Bee House,LadyBirds houses,Butterfly tower,Bat boxes and other eco friendly products,carbon neutral items for wildlife habitats for a carbon zero garden

Eco Friendly Products web-site

Eco Friendly Products are for sale on EcoHouseAgent Ltd with loads of items including,solar,recyled,recycling,energy saving product,second hand,natural,home made,craft,bio-degradable,organic and other eco products

Eco Friendly Houses Products

eco friendly houses, Products & energy saving household green products explained in the green web-site, energy efficient washing machines,dish washers,toilets flush,showers,baths,stanby switches,light bulbs,timber,fsc,timber,helping to build Eco Homes

Electric cars

electric cars are they the answer to vehicle carbon emissions

About Us

ecohouseagent looks at all aspects of eco friendly house design, sustainable homes, green building materials

Straw Bale Experts

How to build a straw bale house with, all you need to know about houses built out of straw

Living Roofs

Living Roofs are a great way to insulate your home, attract local wildlife, avoid flash flooding, add flowers and sedum and be eco Garden roof friendly

Findhorn Eco-Village

Findhorn Eco-Village, is a environmentally friendly community which is full of social concious people who have established a perfect human & nature balance, caring for local wildlife and their natural habitat using solar power, wind energy, sustaina

Solar Hot Water Heater

Eco-House Agent gives you a step by step guide to setting up a household solar hot water Heater,system

Solar Photovoltaic Cells

Solar Photovoltaic Cells or panels can harness the suns energy and create,electrical charges, electricity, eco-house agent has useful information how this monocrystalline & Multicrsystalline photovoltaic generation of energy can be used and solar gra

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting is vital for water conservation, it can be used with toilets, washing machines, dishwashers etc and is stored in a water tank under your garden or in a eco-friendly products like a water Butt.

Eco Building with Timber

Eco House Agent has a lot of useful information about using timber to build your eco friendly home. Timber is a very green, sustainable, recycable product that should be widely used in property construction, Make sure its timber FSC & PEFC appoved

Hockerton Housing Project

Hockerton Housing Project an eco-town develped along side nature,it has five Carbon zero homes which are powered by solar power, wind turbines,rainwater harvesting,grey water,composting,creating sustainable homes with zero carbon footprint & eco friendly

Building with Straw Houses

Building with Straw houses, this web-site has some useful tips about how to build a straw bale house, its a much under used eco friendly sustainable product wich can be used to build walls of new houses at the same time using very little energy

Solar Hot Water Systems

Guide to Solar Hot Water Systems with eco-house agent looking at the steps to follow to heat water using solar panel technology

Eco Cob Building

Eco House Agent gives you the lowdown on eco friendly cob building, also displaying use full website show just how Carbon Neutral cob building or cobbing is

green loans

green loans

Earning greens with solar panels

Earning greens with solar panels

Living Villages

Living Villages, Eco-Towns & comunities are detailed in Eco House Agent, looking at sustainable housing and eco friendly products, like solar power, wind turbines, ground source heat pumps

Abundance London

Abundance London is a scheme that looks at how we can all reduce food waste, through urban harvesting, why not become an urban hervester yourself


earthships are eco friendly off grid houses that have been built with sustainability in mind

Eco Village Lammas

Lammas is an eco village in West Wales that advocates a more environmentally responsible way of life

trees for cities

Trees for cities established in 1993 was formed to make sure that the number of trees was maintained in London, promoting sustainability

Eco Friendly Weddings

eco friendly weddings are becoming more and more popular with couples wishing to tie the knot

eco friendly home insurance

eco friendly home insurance

Water Conservation

As summers in the UK get longer and dryer, water consevation is becomming more of a focal issue

Eco Friendly Damp Treatments

Eco Friendly Damp Treatments are important in climates like the UK, the Schrijver System, developed by the dutch, captures moisture from your walls and exports it out through a system of pipes, reducing damage to your wall through damp, Eco House Agent

Eco-Resin Panels

Eco-Resin Panels are endorsed by Eco House Agent

save money eco friendly

save money eco friendly

Dirty History of Cotton

Dirty History of Cotton


manufacturing recycling mobile phones


Recycling Mobile Take Back


insure your eco home, eco friendly home insurance

Double Glazing Conservatories

Double Eco Glazing Conservatories

Environmental Waste

Environmental Waste

The Yellow House

The Yellow House is an eco home built from a former council house, saving energy and reducing waste

Eco Friendly Houses has a number of case studies on eco friendly houses

eco products top 5

eco products top 5

North Warwickshire

Eco home in North Warwickshire developed by Matthew Dodsley and his father-in-law

Eco Friendly Homes

Oak Meadow is a classic example of a housing project to develop Eco friendly homes, that are both carbon neutral and require low amounts of energy to run. It promotes green living by incorporating solar heating, triple glazing and organic paint.

government energy grants Insulation

Eco house agent evaluates the government, energy grants available for us all to save money





Bloom Box

Bloom box is an energy server which converts fuel cells into electricity

Green Mortgage

Green Mortgage with Ecohouseagent and third parties

Mobile Take Back

Mobile Take Back

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Terms and conditions of use governing this website, the services offered and information within.

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