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Conserving Water

Water conservation is a very prominent topic at the moment. We all have to be more responsible when it comes to using water in our households. The fact that there is an increasing world population coupled with global warming, means that if we don’t act now water will become an ever more scare resource. There are a number of measures every single one of us can put in place to help counteract this water crisis.

So what can we all do to help? 

  • Get a water meter, and prove you are being responsible 
  • Fit taps and showers with water saving devices, these often mix air (tap aerators) into the flow of water to reduce the amount of water used and/or wasted
  • Fit showers with a timer, which stops the shower after so many seconds, often know as an Eco button
  • Toilets can be fitted with water saving flushes, even better grey water can be used (see rain water harvesting)
  • Fix those leaking/dripping taps, if nothing else it will stop the noise driving you mad!
  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth
  • Stop washing cars, every week and water lawns less often. Established Lawns can survive not being watered every weekend, even in summer, your car can certainly can!
  • Plant flowers and plants that need less water (drought tolerant) 
  • Buy water efficient washing machines and dishwashers, and make sure you only use them when you have a full load
  • Don’t use water find an alternative, e.g. dry toilets, dry cleaning etc
  • Store grey water in water butts and use throughout the garden

Of course one of the soundest methods of conserving our household water supplies is to harvest rain-water and store in water tanks and use this where appropriate, around the home. This can be done by installing a fully integrated Rain Water harvesting system, and using this grey water throughout the house. 

Click on << Rain Water Harvesting >> for more details.


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